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Julco Flooring offers the highest quality floor sanding service for commercial and domestic customers nationwide.

If you are looking to sand existing wooden floors to their natural beauty then we can provide the expertise you require. We can carry out sanding to all types of wooden flooring and carry out necessary specialist repairs.

If you would like to remove carpet and you find parquet floor underneath your carpet then you might consider contacting a specialist like these needs to be done correctly as this can affect the appearance of the floor and also the value of your property.

First we would carry out any necessary repairs on your wooden floor using matching timber. The wooden floor is then sanded to a fine finish to remove any scratches. Any cracks or hole are filled before the final sand off. We only use the latest floor sanding machines; with a bigger motor they achieve far better results than any hired sanding machine. When sanding wooden floors our sanding machines collect up to 95% of the dust so there is minimal impact on the rest of your home whilst your floor is being refurbished.

After sanding we apply three coats of a wooden floor finish to protect the wooden floor. At this point we don’t advise for any furniture to be placed upon the floor until 24hrs after the last coat of wooden floor finish as been applied. The drying time is dependant upon the humidity of the room. Using a water based seal is better as it doesn’t give off noxious smells or discolor with time.

With good maintenance the wooden floor should out last any laminate or carpet.

The new wooden floor can be cleaned daily using dry methods such as vacuuming. When necessary, damp-clean the wooden floor with a well wrung-out mop or floor cloth the wooden floor must only become slightly damp. The film of water left on the wooden floor should take no longer than 2mins to dry. For better cleaning results there are products that can used on the wooden floor, take care when choosing these. Don’t allow spilt water to be left on the wooden floor for to long, as wooden floors are susceptible to moisture.

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Posted by JulcoWood on Tue, 7 Oct 2014

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