Installation Hardwood Floors

Installation Hardwood Floors

There are several types of hardwood flooring options to consider, from solid strip oak floors to laminate flooring. Like many other wood products, the installation of hardwood floors usually involves interlocking the pieces and securing them on the floor with glue or nails. Our installation doesn’t end with the floor. We can also do the finishing and the trimwork for you.

Our Technology

FloorCrafter Belt Sander

The FloorCrafter upholds a long tradition of providing precision instruments to a craftsman's trade. The FloorCrafter, engineered to be the most aggressive belt machine in the industry, was also designed to provide reduced vibration. Its cutting ability allows the hardwood sanding professional the ability to increase production while achieving imperfection-free results. With the patented Dolly Transport system, the FloorCrafter is truly a unique and innovative approach to hardwood floor sanding.

PDC Series Dust Containment Systems

The PDC Series is made up of the Deluxe and Essential packages. The Deluxe package features the Sander1600DC and the CAV 12 tank vacuum, along with the deluxe vacuum tool kit. The Essential package features the RS-16DC and the CAV 12, with the standard vacuum tool kit. The PDC series is now the most productive, most quiet and most aggressive portable dust containment series available in the professional floor sanding industry.

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