Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Hardwood - perhaps the most practical of all flooring materials wears off too over time. A modern new finish can make the hardwood floors much easier to maintain, even easier than when originally installed. Refinishing your hardwood floor can freshen up the finish of a wood floor that's dulled from being hidden under carpet for years.

Anyone who's tackled a hardwood refinishing job can tell you it's a mess, starting with the removal of the previous finish. As hardwood flooring professionals, we have the knowledge and experience to give your wood floors a quality new finish. We also have the proper equipment to handle the job efficiently, including power sanders to remove the existing finish and to prepare the wood to accept new stain. Unless you have experience in this area, a project of this magnitude can get complicated.

Sanding Hardwood Floors
The purpose of sanding the floors is to remove the old finish and prepare the surface for a new finish. You can then choose to stain the floor or leave it natural; this is followed by buffing and sealing the floor with either an oil- or water-based polyurethane. While refinishing can be done as a DIY project, it involves renting specialized equipment, a good bit of muscle and can get pretty messy. We like to seal off the room with plastic sheeting before you begin the sanding process. If you’re not comfortable with using big machines or don’t have the time to do the job right, give us a call.

Staining Hardwood Floors
There are many different stain shades available. Although color charts are helpful, what looks right printed on paper will always look different on its intended surface. Furthermore different types of hardwood floors can look different with the same stain, and stain will look differently on refinished flooring than on newly installed wood. Therefore before you start to stain ensure you are talking to professionals. We would be happy to help you choose the right shade for your floor.

Repairs Hardwood Floors
We do hardwood floor repairs of any kind. If you have any problems with your floor give us a call. Our time tested techniques will ensure that our service is second to none.

Installation Hardwood Floors
There are several types of hardwood flooring options to consider, from solid strip oak floors to laminate flooring. Like many other wood products, the installation of hardwood floors usually involves interlocking the pieces and securing them on the floor with glue or nails. Our installation doesn’t end with the floor. We can also do the finishing and the trimwork for you.

Our Technology

FloorCrafter Belt Sander
The FloorCrafter upholds a long tradition of providing precision instruments to a craftsman's trade. The FloorCrafter, engineered to be the most aggressive belt machine in the industry, was also designed to provide reduced vibration. Its cutting ability allows the hardwood sanding professional the ability to increase production while achieving imperfection-free results. With the patented Dolly Transport system, the FloorCrafter is truly a unique and innovative approach to hardwood floor sanding.

PDC Series Dust Containment Systems
The PDC Series is made up of the Deluxe and Essential packages. The Deluxe package features the Sander1600DC and the CAV 12 tank vacuum, along with the deluxe vacuum tool kit. The Essential package features the RS-16DC and the CAV 12, with the standard vacuum tool kit. The PDC series is now the most productive, most quiet and most aggressive portable dust containment series available in the professional floor sanding industry.

Deck Refinish Service

  • GUARANTEED SERVICE – JulcoWood prides itself on providing trained specialists offering a professional and reliable service that will leave you satisfied. We can restore/clean decks, fences, and even boardwalks.
  • OUTSTANDING FINISH – Using industrial equipment and eco-friendly produces our extensive preparation and specialist’s treatments produce a professional finish which cannot be obtained using home DIY products.
  • PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT – Our unique treatments protect new wood and restore old, faded, stained and weathered wood, ensuring you extend the life of your decking. Even the most dilapidated wood can be brought back to life.
  • COMPETITIVE PRICING – JulcoWood offers free quotations for all jobs and will provide you with an obligation-free solution. We will visit your home or job location and discuss the options available to you.

Decking Restoration Services

JulcoWood Decking offers a high standard of service to all of our clients who seek professional and efficient finishing decking throughout Toronto and GTA Area. From creating a professional looking deck on your property to creating an outside dining area for your business, we here at JulcoWood can do it all. We use eco-friendly and high- performance products.
The best way to protect your investment is to paint the deck, stain the bottom of the deck and taking additional measures to keep the wood looking beautiful and glowing.
There are two categories of deck finishes: sealers and stains. Clear sealers have no pigments in them while stains have a variety of pigments which may change the appearance of the wood. Stains may vary from light pigmentation (barely noticeable) to semitransparent or solid colours.
Advantages of finishes:
  • Defends wood from external pollutants
  • Shields wood from humidity
  • Guards the wood from attack by mildew
  • Protects the wood from ultraviolet rays
  • Retains the colour and texture of wood
  • Keeps the wood shining and spiffy

There is a large variety in wood sealants. Many of them are based on natural oils while a few avoid the oils and prefer synthetic sealers. Oil based finishes are believed to penetrate deeper into the wood to give long lasting resistance to damage. However, oil based sealers may attract insects, algae and mildew which slowly destroy the finish a little at a time. When the finish is removed, the wood starts to decay or disintegrate.

For this reason, many people prefer to protect the wood with clear epoxy sealants. Since this sealer does not contain any oils, algae and mildew will not grow on it. One of the colourless chemicals in the clear epoxy sealer deflects ultraviolet light while the other absorbs it.

One of the advantages of clear finishes is that they display the natural grain of the wood. The clarity also prevents lap marks during application of the finish. The UV inhibitors in these clear finishes may break down and leave the wood unprotected. This will require frequent applications of the finish, as often as every year. The optimal solution for finished is to get a light pigment finish with UV protection so that the wood is displayed in its natural colour while the UV rays are prevented from damaging it.

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